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Correct heating: With wood and briquettes

Correct heating

With wood and briquettes

REKORD products: Our REKORD range

REKORD products

Our REKORD range

Devices: Stoves and boilers


Stoves and boilers

The most frequently asked questions


The most frequently asked questions

lignite briquetts wood woodbriquetts

The right fuels



Enjoy the cosy heat of REKORD lignite briquettes. Easy as wood, strong as coal. Discover the perfect match for your solid fuel selection. In combination with wood, pure or in your favorite blend of house coal, pet coke or anthracite: Lignite briquettes are always the right choice and suitable for most fireplaces like multi-fuel stoves, cookers and boilers. Benefit from a long burning time, high calorific value, nice flames and long lasting embers. Always ready for use, uncomplicated and handy size — REKORD briquettes can easily be purchased at a fuel dealer near you.